Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Post 1: To Blog or Not to Blog?

Methinks 'tis time to Blog (after just admonishing a dear friend and dance artist, "blog, schmog").  Welcome to my Blog:  one of the now perhaps less self-indulgent outlets in the interwebs world of social networking.  As a part-time ceramic artist (okay, I'm just a potter; I throw things of clay on a wheel), it seemed blogging was just one more thing to take precious time away from my art.  But just about everybody's doing it - people have even written books about it, books that were sold for movie rights, and then the movies made with lead actors of considerable note.  I would cast Julia Louis-Drefuss, but I digress.  Still a lot of work to do in actually setting up the blog, but this is it:  notes on observations, relationships, happenings, mostly in and around my world of ceramics... and whatever else comes to mind as I set forth to justify my existence and share that with everyone for whom I will be grateful to have as Bloggee!  wendy

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