Saturday, 19 March 2011

Post 3: Saturday

What a beautiful sunshine-y day!  Have somewhat updated Blog, adding profile info (ooo, look at me, I'm a blogger!).  Thinking about friends returning with inspiration from a professional & recreational trip to NYC and finding the focus for own inspiration in the pottery studio tomorrow.  Inspiration comes from within and without - we must always be on the lookout for it, yet know to accept it when you never expect it.  With regular Sat. dance classes off for March break (and the teachers being in NYC!!!), I was able to get a private lesson with dear Miss Jill.  At a spry 80 years young, to say she is an inspiration is a huge understatement.  The fact that she had lots of comments (ahem) but filtered them so as not to completely throw me off my new shoes made for an even more valuable lesson!  Not that I haven't been the recipient of this in the past, it was just one of those effortless things.  That's how I need to approach starting new projects in clay; don't take yourself so seriously.

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