Wednesday, 13 March 2013

the Pigotta project

So many things to blog, so little time...sounds familiar.  Here's a quick post to a worthwhile link, which I thought I'd posted some time ago.  One of the artists I met at La Meridiana last year (more on that another time) is a lovely woman, Marina Viscardi, from Bari, the capital of the Apulia region on the Adriatic Coast side of southern Italy.  The fact that we are from towns of such similar names was more than coincidence - we also share a connection with Manchester, EN.  Marina brought her humour, helpfulness, creativity, style, and joy to the classroom, and I am grateful to have met her.  One of the projects in which she's involved at home is with UNICEF, and I wanted to find a way to support her and this project.  She sent me one of the first dolls that she made, of which I'll have to post a picture, and I was able to make a donation to UNICEF locally.  I know, so many charities and good causes needing (wanting) financial support, but this really is a good one.  Thank you, Marina.

UNICEF - At a glance: Italy - Adopting a doll and saving a life with the Pigotta project