Sunday, 28 September 2014

Expect the Possible

It has been an amazing start to Fall, given that it has finally felt like Summer for six - count 'em - six days in a row! And what better what to cap off the week than with a weekend of Culture Days/Carnegie Days/simply good days. As the countdown begins in earnest to my residency at La Meridiana (seeing as I've only been counting since I got the go-ahead back in January...), I'm finally reading Bernard Leach's "A Potter's Book". To wit: 'A pot thrown on a good wheel with responsive impressed and expressed...and coaxed though a series of rhythmic movements, which like those of a dance are all related and interdependent.' What a great quote to sum up a weekend of productivity at the pottery studio, interspersed with yet another wonderful program by Simcoe Contemporary Dancers at the maclarentARTcentre. How fortuitous to have two passions once again compliment each other, spending time with friends and peers alike. I never had delusions (okay, not entirely...) of a career as a professional dance artist, nor as a professional ceramic artist, but to be able to live the former vicariously while embarking on the latter potentially, is something not to be taken lightly yet taken so gratefully. Once one realises that there is nothing greater than to expect the possible, the possibilities are infinite.